Heater 16, Propane Gas 2.0 kW

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Heater 16, Propane Gas 2.0 kW
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The picture shows the standard greenhouse heater.


A heater with a 2.0kW maximum output, which switches itself off and on thermostatically. A regulator with hose is included as standard. The heater output is adjustable with flame failure device, CO2 sensor and push button ignition. The casing is durable powder coated coated steel. The height is 485mm (19"). The width is 330mm (13"). The depth is 130mm (5"). Ventilation is required when in use. At a typical site this heater will provide heat for a greenhouse up to 6'x10' or frost protection only for a greenhouse up to 8'x12'. Heating requirements vary greatly with less heat required in a sheltered location or a lean to and more heat required in Scotland than in Southern England.

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